Private Shows

Getting Started for Private Shows

Packages start from $17 per head.

Choose from pizza varieties:

(all pizzas are tomato sauce based unless otherwise stated)

King Fish

Marinated king fish fillets, mozzarella & provolone dolce cheese with a lemon wedge

Spangwalie Gourmet

Pepperoni, kalamata olives, capsicum, mushroom, mozzarella cheese


Shaved ham, cheese & pineapple


Capsicum, mushroom, kalamata olives, basil pesto & mozzarella cheese


Mushroom, ham, pepperoni, onions, mozzarella cheese


Fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese & basil pesto


Pepperoni, shaved ham, Bacon, Onion, mozzarella cheese on bbq sauce base

The Clarice

Mild chilli & herb minced lamb, slow roast tomato, parmesan cheese & parsley with a tzatziki garnish

Prawn Star

Prawns with baby spinach, almond & parmesan cheese pesto, mozzarella cheese

The Stelton Pear

Sliced pear, melted stelton cheese with a rocket garnish

The Beret

Capers, anchovies, parsley, cracked pepper, sea salt, mozzarella cheese with a rocket garnish


Feta cheese, duck, spring onion, splash of chilli oil, hoisin sauce


Smoked salmon, capers, thyme, Danish feta

Ed La Dou

Chicken tenderloin, Aussie Jack cheddar cheese, barbeque sauce


Bacon, lettuce, slow roast tomato, Aussie jack cheddar with aioli


Smoked bacon, free range egg, mozzarella cheese, slow roasted tomato & parsley garnish


Mild chilli Italian pork sausage, Provolone cheese, oregano

>> Also Available <<

Calzone, garlic bread, Ed La Douetts – mild chilli or barbeque marinated chicken drumetts,
Croissants, Antipasto & regional cheese platters.

For further information please call or email us at All Fired Up